Brief instructions on how to use the technical features of our virtual Dialogue Platform

About the platform:

The video shows the previous Africa Dialogue Platform and will be updated soon. But the functionality stays the same, except for other topics, photos and participants 😀

Technical requirements

We recommend to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to actively participate during the virtual conference.
Safari and the Internet Explorer or not current Microsoft Edge versions (before Chromium) are not supported.

Registration process

After you've registered yourself on the registration page, please make sure to check your email account. You will receive a verification mail which you need to verify by clicking on the link.
In case you didn't receive an email 10 minutes after your registration, please make also sure to check your SPAM folder, as the automated email may have been caught by your SPAM guard system.

Entrance to the virtual conference

The day prior to the event we will send you an email with further instructions, including your personal login code and where you should enter the code. We will also provide a support email address.

Joining Zoom

When joining a zoom meeting you may be asked by your browser to accept camera and microphone access.
For better sound quality you may consider using the native Zoom application. To join via the Zoom app, please click on the button on the left below the video aera.


Please keep in mind, that all Zoom sessions will be recorded, and that demos will be available on YouTube and the Anticipation Hub Website. If you do not want to be shown in the video, please keep your camera and microphone turned off.